ObboMed OB-2000 StandardAir Mattress - 9” Alternating (2-Layer)

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  • Dynamic Low Air Loss (16 LPM) 
  • Fowler / Sitting Function

  • Cell on Cell Mattress design for 24-Hour Power Protection

Installation Video:

Fowler & Seating

Fowler/Seating is designed to increase support in the seat/torso section of the mattress. When the head of the bed is raised, The fowler is intended to prevent any potential risk of patients from “bottoming out.” 

Dynamic Low Air Loss

Below the cover layer,Dynamic low air loss (LAL) therapy (16 Liter Per Min)feature to remove humidity under the patient while simultaneously transferring away moisture and heat from the patient’s skin, and/or from the areas of the patient’s body that come in contact with the mattress. Maximizes comfort and support for adults of all ages living with stage 1-4 pressure ulcers.

Cell-on-Cell Mattress Design

24-hour power outage protection: cell-on-cell mattress design prevents patient from bottoming out in case of power failure. During a loss of air and/or electrical power, the bottom layer of the mattress will stay inflated if the air hose remains connected to the control unit. Easy to operate, the control unit located on the footboard of the bed manages every function required. 

Features of Cover

  • Designed to minimize friction and shearing of the skin
  • Vapor permeable to facilitate moisture removal into the airflow away from the mattress
  • Perspiration vacates through the mattress cover surface and/or the patient’s bed boundary
  • Liquid resistant, Fireproof
  • Latex, lead, and mercury-free
  • Below the cover layer, vapor flows out with the Low Air Loss Feature to lower humidity under the patient while simultaneously transferring away moisture and heat
  • Air cells are composed of a combination of thermoplastic polyurethane and nylon (TPU) and airtight with high-frequency, heat sealing and are liquid proof and machine washable

OB-2000 Mattress dimension and weight specifications:



OB-2000 Mattress Dimension:

80”L x 36”W x 9”H

203cm L x 91cm W x 23cm H


25 LPM

25 LPM

Weight Capacity:

450 lbs

200 Kg

Control Unit Weight:

8.8 lbs

4 Kg

Mattress Weight:

15.5 lbs

7 Kg

Unit Package Weight:

28 lbs

12.8 Kg

Unit Package Dimension:

21”L x 18.5”W x 20.5”H

53cm L x 47cm W x 52cm H

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