Unique features

Obbomed® anti-decubitus air mattresses offers unique functions.

Designed for optimal patient comfort and lowest nursing costs.

Other ObboMed® Advancements

Features of ObboMed’s Multi-Layered Mattress:

Fowler (Seating) and Side Bolster (Raised Side Rail)

ObboMed® mattress systems feature a 13” (33 cm) high side bolster to keep the patient from falling off the mattress. The Fowler/Seating option is designed to increase support in the seat/torso section of the mattress. When the head of the bed is raised, it is intended to prevent any potential of patients from “bottoming out.”

Dynamic True Low Air Loss

For bed-related pressure ulcers (ie, bedsores) or their prevention, wound care specialists emphasize the importance of suppressing friction and shear of the skin. The latest research also claims that alternating the air pressure, in combination with Low Air Loss Therapy, can help the patient avoid or treat bedsores. That finding inspired the Dynamic True Low Air Loss Feature designed in all ObboMed® alternating pressure mattress products. It works through a blower pump alternating pressure in the mattress while a precalculated volume of air escapes from strategically located micro openings. For StandardAir and PremiumAir models, the Low Air Loss is up to 15 LPM, for UltraAir models, the Low Air Loss have at least 23+ LPM escape from the mattress cover surface and/or the patient’s bed boundary. This process helps to remove moisture and heat from the patient’s skin, and/or from the areas of the patient’s body that come in contact with the mattress. The desired outcome is cool, dry skin.

Basic Functions

Optional Functions

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